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DOGOPOLY – Time to Make Tracks!

DOGOPOLY has a unique track structure unlike any other game.  With three tracks, two paths, and a slide, you’ll love the diversity that the game offers.

The Outer Track offers you the main route around the game, where you can snatch territories, hang out in the park, or growl as the dog catcher drags you to the Pound.

The Inner Tracks offer you shortcuts through the game, connecting different areas of the Outer Track.  In here are many challenges and rewards to sniff out.

Within the Inner Tracks are two Cats Crossings.  These shortcuts offer muddy paths between the tracks. 

The slide leads from the Outer Track through both Inner Tracks, and lands in the Pound.  Stay for a while, pay 100 to get out, or use your Get Out of the Pound FREE card.

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