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DOGOPOLY – Run Dog Run!

DOGOPOLY has great game play that makes it fun & exciting!

The standard rules offer quick game play.  For even quicker game play, there are several Quick Play variations!

The “High Steaks” of the standard game play means that things can happen fast, and can keep you entertained for several hours (not days).  If you make the right moves and get lucky, you'll reap the rewards very quickly.  If you make the wrong moves, expect your opponents to eat you up.

The “Bones” of the Quick Play game means that things can happen even faster. These games may finish in about an hour.  With the right strategy, you can bury any bad luck thrown your way and become top dog.

Either way, lose the game and you’ll be stuck in the doghouse, but win the game and live to tell tails to wag and brag about!

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