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Play "DogSpin" and try to break the bank.

DogSpin will run on any system that supports Microsoft's DotNet Framework (such as Windows XP with Service Pack 1.) The Framework is available for free download from

Click here to download DogSpin.exe (188K) *

To play, download this game then double-click on the DogSpin executable (no installation required as long as your system has the DotNet Framework.)  You should see something like this:

Enter a bet between 1 and your stockpile total and click on the [Spin] button.  If one of the winning combinations appears, you get the amount you bet times the payout.  To see the payouts, click on the [Payouts...] button.

If your total reaches 20,000 you've broken the bank and the game is over.

For more fun, challenge a friend by running the game twice and seeing who breaks the bank first.

Beating your friends real badly?  Download our 1000 bones currency!  We couldn't fit it in the game, so here is the 1000 Bones currency. You'll need it!  We don't call this The Game of High STEAK & BONES for nothing!  

Download the 1000 Bones JPG here: 
To download:

  1. click this image DOGOPOLY 1000 Bones Currency  

  2. right click on the large image once it opens

  3. Select SAVE TARGET AS

Prints 6 on one regular page of paper! 
Approximate size 750k 

How old are you in dog years?

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Enter your age: Age in dog years:

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* Please note that this is a beta version.  We are not responsible for any system problems you experience from this game or from installing any support programs.  All applications have been virus-checked,

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Dictionary of Dog Terms


# English Finnish French German Swedish
1 Muzzle, foreface Kuono Le museau ou le chanfrein Fank Nos
2 Nostrils Sieraimet Les narines Nustern Näsborrar
3 Nose Kirsu Le nez ou la truffe Nasenspiegel Nosspets
4 Nosebridge Kuononselkä Le chanfrein Nasenrücken Näsrygg
5 Upperjaw Yläleuka La mâchoire supériere Oberkiefer Överkäke
6 Top lip Ylähuuli La lèvre supérieure Oberlippe Överläpp
7 Lowerjaw Alaleuka La mâchoire inférieure Unterkiefer Underkäke
8 Bottom lip Alahuuli La lèvre inférieure Unterlippe Underläpp
9 Corner of the mouth Suupieli La commissure de la bouche Maulwinkel Mungipa
10 Cheek Poski La joue Backen Kind
11 Stop Otsapenger La stop ou cassure du nez Stirnabsatz Stop, pannavsats
12 Forehead Otsa Le front Stirn Panna
13 Skull Päälaki Le crâne Scheitel Hjässa
14 Occiput Niskakyhmy L´occiput ou la créte occipitale Hinterhauptstachel Nackknöl
15 Ear Korva L´oreille Ohr Öra
16 Eye Silmä L´oeil Auge Öga
17 Eyebrow Kulmakarvat L´arcade soucilière Augenbraue Ögonbryn
18 Dewlap Kaulanahka Le fanon Kehlwamme Halsskin
19 Neck Kaula Le cou Hals Hals
20 Crest of neck Niska L´encolure Genick Nacke

# English Finnish French German Swedish
21 Throatline Kaulanalus La gorge Kehlrand Halsrand
22 Withers Säkä Le garrot Widerrist Manke
23 Shoulder Lapa L´épaule Schulter Skuldra
24 Prosternum Rinnanpää La pointe du sternum Bugspitze Bröstspets
25 Forechest Eturinta, rynnäs Le poitrine antérieure Vorderbrust Bringa, front
26 Brisket, ribcage Rintakehä La cage thoracique Brustkasten Bröstkorg
27 Back Selkä Le dos Rücken Rygg
28 Loin Lanne Les reins Lenden Länd
29 Croup Ristiluut La croupe Kreutz Kors
30 Set on of tail Hännäntyvi La base de la queue Rutenansatz Svansrot
31 Tail Häntä La queue ou le fouet Rute Svans
32 Flank Kuve Le flanc Flanke Flank
33 Belly Vatsa Le ventre Bauch Buk
34 Groin Nivus L´abdomen Weiche Ljumske
35 Underline Vatsaviiva (l´aine) Bauchlinie Buklinje
36 Chestline Rintaviiva La potrine inférieure Unterlinie Bröstlinje
37 Shoulder joint Olkapää La pointe du sternum Schultergelenk Skulderled
38 Upper arm Olkavarsi Le bras Oberarm Överarm
39 Elbow Kyynärpää Le coude Ellbogen Armbåge
40 Forearm Kyynärvarsi L´avant-bras Unterarm Underarm
41 Wrist Ranne Le carpe (le poignet) Handgelenk Handlove
42 Pastern Välikämmen Le métacarpe Vordermittelfuss Mellanhand
43 Forefoot with toes Käpälä varpaineen Le pied avec doigts Pfote, Fuss mit Zehen Tass med tår
44 Paw Päkiä Les soles ou coussinets plantaires Ballen Trampdyna
45 Nails Kynnet Les ongles Krallen Klor
46 Croup Lantio Les reins Kruppe Höft, bäcken
47 Upper tigh Reisi Le fémur Oberschenkel Lår
48 Stifle Polvi Le grasset Kniegelenk Knä
49 Stifle joint Polvitaive L´articulation du genou ou creux du jarret Kniekehle Knäveck
50 Lower tigh Sääri La jambe Unterschenkel Underben
51 Hock Kinner La pointe du jarret Sprung Has
52 Hock joint Kinnernivel Le jarret Sprunggelenk Hasled
53 Rear pastern Välijalka Le métatarse Hintermittelfuss Mellanfot
54 Hindfoot with toes Käpälä varpaineen Le pied avec doigts Pfote, Fuss mit Zehen Tass med tår
55 Dewclaws kannukset L´ergot Wolfsklauen Sporrar

Source for The Dictionary of Terms: Leonberger Club of Finland


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